The Democratic National Convention kicked off without the usual crowds and confetti, to officially nominate former Vice President Joe Biden as the party’s presidential nominee and Senator Kamala Harris of California, the first woman of color on a major party ticket, as his running mate. Progressive Democrats and ‘Never Trump’ Republicans appeared at the virtual event, trying to show a united front in their quest to beat Trump in the November election. Can the Biden- Harris ticket appeal to the rising class of progressive – and conservative- voters in America? Will the Democrats’ call for change unite the party? Guests: Moe Vela- Former Director of Administration and Senior Advisor in the Office of Vice President Joe Biden & Former Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor on Hispanic Affairs for Vice President Al Gore Rick Wilson- co-founder of the Lincoln Project & longtime Republican political strategist Larry Cohen- Chairman of of Our Revolution, a political action organization spun off of Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign & Former President of the Communications Workers of America, a 700,000 member labor union Watch other episodes of Inside America ➡ Weekly in-depth interviews with American opinion and policy-makers exploring the issues shaping US politics. ? #Democrats #USA #GhidaFakhry

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