First, Leslie gives her take on the latest news of the day in her ‘Ripped from the Headlines’ segment.

Here are the stories that she covered:
1. AXIOS: “National Governors Association leaders express concern over Trump’s unemployment order”
2. Axios-Ipsos poll: 1 in 2 has a personal connection to COVID-19
3. AUDIO: “Trump claims he would have not called for Obama to resign over 160,000 virus deaths”
4. ASSOCIATED PRESS: “Inaction by Congress leaves states to pay for election costs”
5. AXIOS: “Sports stadiums may become voting sites amid pandemic”
6. LAW AND CRIME: “‘Obviously Required to Provide It’: Trump Given Deadlines to Produce DNA in E. Jean Carroll’s Defamation Lawsuit”
7. N.Y. TIMES: “A Bible Burning, a Russian News Agency and a Story Too Good to Check Out”

Then, Leslie is joined by Moe Vela, who served in President Obama’s administration as the Director of Administration and Senior Advisor in the Office of Vice President Joe Biden.  

The two talk about the state of the 2020 presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, including what Vela’s time working with Biden as Vice President taught him about the current Democratic nominee.  Leslie and Moe also discuss new polling showing that only 31% of Americans trust what President Trump says about the coronavirus.

Moe Vela’s time serving in the Obama/Biden administration was the second White House appointment for Mr. Vela, who served as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor on Hispanic Affairs for Vice President Al Gore. Mr. Vela holds the distinction of being the first Hispanic American and gay American to serve twice in a senior executive role in the White House.
His Twitter handle is @MoeVela.

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