FOX NEWS electoral projections sparked the fury of a Joe Biden supporter as a Trump backer suggested states where Democrats were leading in the polls could end up Republican.

Fox News has been projecting the potential results of the tight US Election 2020 race between President Donald Trump and his Democrat opponent Joe BidenDonald Trump supporter Jan Kerns suggested the broadcaster had moved the swing state of Pennsylvania into the Republican-leaning list, a statement which sparked the fury of former Clinton adviser Moises Vela. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr Vela said: “I’d like to respond if I could. I think we all have to all take a deep breath here and stay calm.

“The votes that are outstanding in this race right now probably favour Joe Biden. It’s shocking that anybody would quote the Fox News desk’s decision to call Pennsylvania with 30 something percent…that doesn’t indicate somebody who knows national electoral politics very well.”

Ms Kerns pointed out she had not suggested Fox News had called Pennsylvania for the US President but had merely said the northwestern states had been included into a list of potential Republican wins.

She said: “I didn’t say they called it, I said they moved it to lean red. I did not say they called it.”

But despite Ms Kerns simply clarifying her point, Mr Vela appeared “shaken and rattled” by her comments, as the BBC Radio 5 live host noted.

Fox News projections sparked a bitter row between a Trump and a Biden supporter (Image: FOX/NC)
US Election 2020: Joe Biden insisted he is “confident” he will win (Image: SKY NEWS)

He said: “Excuse me, I did not interrupt you. Before I was rudely interrupted by a typical Trump supporter. That’s their MO, clearly.

“What I was trying to say was, very nicely, is that anybody who knows about electoral politics is that they would have already gone to find out in Philadelphia, which is voting 90 something percent for Joe Biden, has stopped counting votes tonight.

“Were you aware of that, Jan? I just heard a fellow American say that this country was shut down politically motivated.

“And I’ll tell you why I’m rattled. I’m very angry to hear a fellow American talk like that about the death of 230 and something thousand people.”

US Election 2020: Donald Trump said he will deliver his own speech on Wednesday night (Image: MSNBC)

Fox News has projected an unexpected sweep for President Trump after days of polls showing Mr Biden in the lead in pivotal swing states.

Counting in Pennsylvania and Georgia has been paused until Wednesday morning, with two counties being forced to shut down counting due to techincal issues in the Peach State.

Despite Mr Trump securing an unexpected number of electoral votes, Mr Biden maintained he is confident states like Michigan and Wisconsin could still pull through for the Democrats.

Addressing supporters in Delaware, the former vice president urged them to “keep the faith” and be patient while they wait for the final results.

US Election 2020: Trump widened his support among minorities in the US, according to early data (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Mr Biden said: “We knew this was going to go long. We feel good about where we are. We really do.

“I’m here to tell you tonight we believe we’re on track to win this election. I’m optimistic about this outcome.

“Keep the faith, guys. We’re going to win this.”

The Democratic Party was however able to secure a victory in the House of Representatives, where they maintained their hold and strengthened their majority by one.

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