Joe Biden ready to ‘play ugly’ with Russia, China and Iran, ‘He will not be bullied. PRESIDENT Joe Biden will stand firm against Russia, China and Iran, a former aide said last night. And common ground with the UK on many key foreign policy issues means that the Special Relationship will be alive and well. “Regardless of who the aggressor is, of which country it is that is violating the rules-based-order, or human values, morality and integrity, President Biden is the scrappy kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania and he is not going to be bullied by anybody or any country,” said Moe Vela, former advisor to Biden when he was Vice President under Barack Obama. “If they want to play in an ugly way, he’s ready.” On Friday the US Embassy in London issued a Tweet pointing out that the Special Relationship should not be defined by the presence of Winston Churchill’s bust in the Oval office, which the new president has removed. “I’d be cautious about reading too much into Biden’s redecorating,’ added Mr Vela. “Putting up what’s special to him is not the same as taking down things that don’t mean anything to him. It’s not a message to dear friends or the Special Relationship.” New key appointments over the last four days show that the main planks to the Special Relationship – an intertwined nuclear relationship which France does not have, intelligence sharing and trade – remain strong, added Dr J Simon Rofe, reader in diplomatic studies, SOAS, University of London. “We’ve had US presidents in the past who really weren’t anglophiles, like Clinton, and the Special Relationship has always prevailed because it is based on certain fundamentals, planks which remain very robust.” At the top of the list is Antony Blinken, a former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, deputy national security advisor and deputy Secretary of State under Obama who has been appointed Secretary of State.

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