This is the moment an ex-senior adviser to Joe Biden told LBC he is “disgusted” by Donald Trump receiving as many votes as he has.

Moe Vela made the remark to LBC’s Nick Ferrari as the result of the US election may not be declared for days amid long counts and possibility of legal battles.

Neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden has the 270 electoral college votes needed to win, with millions of postal votes still to be counted.

Democrats typically outperform Republicans in postal voting, while the Republicans look to make up ground on polling day. A historically large number of postal votes flooded in across the country prior to the election.

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Mr Vela said: “I’m not going to lie to you, Nick. I’m baffled, I’m disappointed [and] frankly I’m angry that this many of my fellow Americans are OK with the failed leadership in the pandemic.

“We are the number one country in the world for the number of deaths from this coronavirus. We are absolutely struggling and losing innocent Americans. That could have been prevented.

Nick replied: “Millions disagreed with you with their mail-in votes and their votes yesterday.”

Mr Vela responding by citing his previous experience of being part on the White House Emergency Preparedness and Continuity of Government working group.

He added: “They can disagree with me, Nick. But what they don’t understand is I can tell you point by point where Donald Trump failed to properly prepare, plan and mitigate the damage from this pandemic.

“So I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted that he’s getting this many votes. It’s just simple.”

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