Their is power in your words. Many times we don’t realize that what was spoken over us a child still influences who we are today. The words you speak can either build up or tear down the people around you. Additionally, the thoughts that you think, essentially the words in your mind, also have power over you. Do you think affirming thoughts or thoughts that discourage you and stop you from reaching your dreams? Your words have power. Use them in the right way. Business Development Expert Moe Vela served as the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor on Hispanic Affairs for Vice President Al Gore, as well as served in President Obama’s administration as the Director of Administration and Senior Advisor in the Office of Vice President Joe Biden. Moe also holds the distinction of being the first Hispanic American and Gay American to serve twice in a senior executive role in the White House. He shares his story which will inspire you and let each one of you, who may have a secret, recognize your worth and value. For more information about Moe please visit You may also purchase Moe’s autobiographical book which details the story he shares in this interview on amazon or in the store at

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Moe Vela

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